Experience a whole new level of clean!

The SonicBrite® Complete Kit Dental Cleaning System includes a clinically tested powder solvent and sonic unit that together safely and effectively clean and disinfect dental appliances such as Invisalign® incremental aligners, Snap-on-Smile® removable arches, dentures, retainers, partials, mouth guards, and more in fewer than fifteen minutes. 

Now, you never have to hide your smile again. Decades of plaque disintegrate. Years of build-up disappear. Hard-to-clean surfaces teeming with unhealthy germs and bacteria will sparkle like brand new! You will see the difference instantly. SonicBrite® is clinically proven to kill more than 99.9% of all bacteria - clinically proven to remove tobacco, tea and coffee stains as well as that rock-hard build-up. 

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SonicBrite® Unit Only
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Price: $36.00
SonicBrite® Complete Kit, D
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Price: $49.95
SonicBrite® Solution 7oz, D
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Price: $13.95